Data with organization and cross-referencing, becomes information. Information, with analysis and insights, becomes knowledge. Knowledge, with use at the right occasion to the desired effects, becomes wisdom. At Axanteus Research, the value we provide lies not just in gathering facts and data, but rather in its conversion to more useful forms; from data to information, from information to knowledge, and from knowledge to your wisdom.

We are headquartered in Singapore - the dynamic business and financial hub of Asia-Pacific. From here, we serve the region as well as the global market, with internationally well-known Singaporean clock-work efficiency.

Our mission is: 'To enable our clients to succeed in their individual endeavors and businesses; through a one-source provision of data, information, research and consultancy; in a high-quality, timely and reasonable-cost manner; by motivated and outstanding employees'.

Industries Covered

We have expertise in the following industries honed over the years

  • axanteusresearch - healthcare, Pharmaceutical
    Healthcare, Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Pharmaceutical - manufacturing, industrial
    Manufacturing, Industrial & Logistics
  • axanteusresearch - technology, Engineering
    Technology, Engineering & Telecommunications
  • Internet, Ecommerce & Social Media
  • axanteusresearch - finance, banking
    Finance, Banking & Insurance
  • axanteusresearch- Travel, hospatility
    Travel, Hospitality & Entertainment
  • axanteusresearch - education, professional services
    Education, Professional Services & Business Services
  • F&B, Retail & FMCGs
  • Media, Advertising & Publishing
  • Durable Goods, Consumer Electronics & Automotive
  • axanteusresearch - governmental, non-profit
    Governmental, Non-profit and International Organizations
  • axanteusresearch - agriculture, mining
    Agriculture, Mining & Primary Industries
  • Our Team

    Axanteus Research employees come from a diverse field of industries with rich expertise. We are a group of highly motivated people with an eye for accuracy and quality. We are members of the Market Research Society of Singapore and ESOMAR, the international society of market research professionals. We adhere to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice as well as its associated Guidelines.

    axanteusresearch - our team
    axanteusresearch - our team
    axanteusresearch our team

    Our Clients

    Our clients come from various industries and countries and in different sizes, from the smallest startup to the
    largest Fortune 500 companies. We also provide our services regularly to other market research firms, including the majority of the Top 50 market research firms globally.