Customized Research

We have the right level of coverage according to what you need:

  • Fieldwork Services (Data Collection)
  • Turnkey / Full-service Market Research
  • Research Consultancy

We conduct the following kinds of studies:

  • Demand Measurement and Forecasting
  • Idea/Concept Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Test Marketing
  • Media Research
  • Copy Testing
  • Distribution Research
  • Pricing Research
  • Market Research
  • Opinion Polling

Using the following methodologies:

  • Qualitative
    • Focus Group Discussions
    • In-depth Interviews
    • Observation e.g. Mystery Shopping
  • Quantitative
    • Face-to-face Interview
    • Street Intercept
    • Door-to-door
    • Central Location
    • On-site
    • Telephone Surveys
    • Traditional Telephone and Pen/Paper
    • Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI)
    • Online Surveys

Syndicated Research

Combining the most up-to-date information and cutting-edge analysis, and based on quality primary and secondary research, our research reports is a cost-effective method to accomplish your research needs short of conducting your own customized studies.

We have extensive expertise in the following industries:

  • Healthcare, Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Education, Professional Services & Business Services
  • Manufacturing, Industrial & Logistics
  • F&B, Retail & FMCGs
  • Technology, Engineering & Telecommunications
  • Media, Advertising & Publishing
  • Internet, Ecommerce & Social Media
  • Durable Goods, Consumer Electronics & Automotive
  • Finance, Banking & Insurance
  • Governmental, Non-profit and International Organizations
  • Travel, Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Agriculture, Mining & Primary Industries

Information Research Services

Information at your fingertips – as and when you want it. Just tell us what you want and when you want it. We will respond within 4 business hours (Asia-Pacific) and 8 business hours (all other countries) with a quotation based on what you have indicated to us, with an outline of the information you will receive. Once you have confirmed your order, it’s just simply waiting for the information to arrive.

We cover the entire range of information you will possibly need: financial, business, company, economic, news, investment, legal, medical, scientific, technical, social, historical, sports, entertainment etc.

Our seasoned research specialists have access to thousands of databases, publications, libraries, wire services, directories, lists and other proprietary sources. Whether you are a CEO, a fund manager, investment analyst, writer, journalist, advocate or teacher – you will save tremendous amount of time in researching for the information you want by using our service.

Skyemetrics Internet Research

Skyemetrics is a proprietary internet market research tool that complements traditional market research methods to give a holistic 360-degree market view. It is an advanced software platform with artificial intelligence which monitors the entire world wide web and extracts pertinent data, information, market intelligence, social media trends and internet statistics automatically. It collates the results and presents them in a customizable and actionable format which allows the user to have instant insights to the current market situation of their products, services, organizations, brands, marketing campaigns and competition. Coupled into our Information Portal, it offers unparalleled advantages in the speed and accuracy of market research.